Saturday, August 10, 2013

For the Love of Money!

Do you love money?
What does it mean to love money?
Do you love to spend money?
Do you love to save money?
Maybe you even love to give it away.
Do you think there is even a difference between loving money and spending money?
I am not talking about having an obsession with money.
I am talking about the relationship that you have with your money.

I think it is important for you to understand the relationship that you have with money.  If you want to be successful with your money you need to come to terms with what it really means to love money.

You see along with money always comes the emotional feelings either positive or negative.
You will either love money or you will hate it.  When you think about money it will either bring you feelings of joy and excitement, making you happy and calm or it will bring you feelings of worry and fear, making you stressed and anxious.

I think for you to be able to reach your financial dreams and goals in life you need to be able to move away from the stress that your money brings you and be able to look at your money in a whole new way.   You need to know how to love your money and how to treat and manage your money in a way that is going to serve you better.  You need to have a better understanding of your finances in order to gain the positive outcome that you are looking for in your financial life.  For most this means you being able to partner with a specialist who will provide you with the right tools to enable you to manage your money better, which in turn will lead you to positive feelings towards your money, helping you let go of your negative experiences and lead you to a stress free financial relationship with your money.

If you feel like you need to partner with a specialist on how to love your money in a more positive way call my office today and schedule a free consultation appointment with me at 239 288 0977. 

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