Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Parents are you back in the routine yet?

Parents are you back in the routine yet?
You know the long awaited routine of back to school.
Summer is fun that we cannot deny.
However after 3 long months of summer break I think parents, grandparents and kids alike are ready to get back to school.
I know that even though my kids love summer there is a part of them that also likes the comfort of being back in their school routine, as well as of course getting back to seeing their friends every day and getting back to their school sports.
What does back to school mean to us as Parents?
Well the first thing I think of is back to the crazy business of all the running around that comes with back to school and all of the other activities that my kids participate in after school.
But another thing that back to school represents is that our kids are another year closer to College.
In the same way that you are another year closer to having to fund you kids college.
As the Parent or Grandparent of children how are you planning to help them with their college expenses?
You need to be smart about the costs of putting yourselves at financial risk in doing so.
Do not forget the importance of creating a sound overall financial plan.
What does this mean and how do you go about doing that?