Saturday, December 28, 2013

Financial Resolutions for the New Year.

As another year comes to an end it is always a time for reflection.
Reflecting back on 2013 the lessons learned, and things achieved.
It has been a good year a great year in fact.
But it is almost time to welcome 2014, new lessons to be learned and new goals to be achieved for the year that lies ahead of us.
New Year’s resolutions to be made!
Honestly I am not a big fan of New Year resolutions.
Well resolutions are not supposed to be a wish list; they are not to be taken lightly like a shopping list.
So sometimes it is easier to avoid making them than make them and not be able to keep them.
New Year’s resolutions are decisions we make about what we want to achieve in the year ahead and then we need to follow through with them until we have achieved them.

Here are a few personal financial resolutions that should be made and kept in the upcoming year.

Invest in your retirement.
In the upcoming year make sure that you invest in your retirement either at work through a 401k or 403b sponsored plan or if this is not an option for you by looking in to contributing into either a Traditional or Roth IRA plan.  

Invest in yourself.
Make it a priority this year to get educated, as this will help you to make better investment decisions, it is important to be up to date with asset allocations in your own personal investment portfolios.

Review your life insurance needs.
With every New Year brings different stages and needs in your life.  It is always vitally important to make sure that you reevaluate your life insurance needs, make sure that you have enough coverage for the upcoming year and whether your need is for term or permanent life insurance.

Find the right financial advisor.
Even if you are a do it your-selfer it is never too soon to start building a relationship with the right financial advisor, someone you can trust for advise and a checkup to make sure you are on the right investment track for your financial security and of course someone whom your family can turn to carry out your wishes when the need may arise. 

 Karla White specializes in giving financial advice to recently widowed persons, those facing terminal illness, as well as developing plans for a healthy financial future. As a widow, she fully understands the importance of having someone help those recently widowed walk through all the financial changes that they will face. Karla focuses on both immediate and long-term financial issues, helping people navigate through a most difficult journey.

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