Sunday, July 20, 2014

Motivation is Power!

Motivation is Power!

Motivation is the power you need to accomplish your goals.
It is the necessary force driving you to create lasting change in your lives.
Motivation is the fire that comes from within us make something happen in your lives.
It is something that cannot come from someone else.
Different things motivate different people.
Maybe it’s a new project you have recently embarked upon.
A desire to start a new business.
It might be pursuing a new career therefore achieving the goal to escape the mundane job that you have been doing for years.
For some it is the motivation to lose weight by eating healthier and start exercising.
It could mean committing to a relationship mentally and emotionally no matter how difficult it might be.
Maybe it’s your long term commitment to achieving your financial goals.
It is always easy to find the initial determination and passion to achieve your goals.
However it is keeping the motivation to achieve those goals that usually proves to be the difficult part.
What happens to your goals when you tire and start to lose your motivation?
Do you give up?
This is when you need to try and recapture that original motivation, which can sometimes be easier said than done.
Is there a way to regain the energy that drives you to accomplish and succeed in your goals?
How can you readjust your focus and maintain that motivation that you once had?
You see normally it is not your circumstances that have changed but your feelings.
So when you feel that loose of motivation it is time to go back to the source that motivated you to begin with.
Who or what it was that motivated you to achieve your goals.
Don’t be afraid to ask your friends or family for help to get back your motivation.
Maybe going back to the place that was the original source of your motivation will help.
Writing down your goals and referring to them often is also a good way to keep motivated.
Here are 5 Financial Goals that you should write down to keep you motivated to reach your financial goals;
1.      Invest more money.
2.      Pay down credit card debt.
3.      Cut back on unnecessary spending.
4.      Save for retirement.
5.      Create an emergency fund.
For you to create that lasting change it takes the kind of motivation that takes strength and long term commitment, do not expect instant gratification.

“An unwritten goal is only a wish” – common proverb.


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