Thursday, April 3, 2014

Procrastination? Rejection? What’s your excuse?

You know!
The excuse you use when you are avoiding something.
That something that really needs done and cannot be put off any longer.
Maybe it is that conversation you know you really need to have.
Or that thing you have been putting off indefinitely.
The thing that you are avoiding with every inch of your being!
Have you ever wondered why we do this?
I mean why is it we procrastinate over things that we know just need to be done?

The misconception of procrastination is that it is because we are lazy and cannot manage our time well.
However the truth is that procrastination is a weakness, an impulse so intense brought on by the fear of failure.

Procrastination manifests itself within every aspect of our lives.
You know it is true!
It can be as simple as waiting until the last minute to buy Christmas presents.
Leaving it until the very last minute before paying that outstanding bill!
Or maybe it is the dreaded leaving it until the night before the deadline is due on that work project.

Why is it easier to avoid rejection than to just say what you really want to say?
You know tell that person how you really feel about them!
Why is it easier to say nothing than to tell them you are in love with them?
I am sure like me you can always justify your reasons for not doing it to yourself with excuses like you have been hurt before or now is not the right time.
We are doing fine the way we are, being friends is okay for now.
There will always be a more appropriate time to talk about that stuff.
But the fact is that rejection really hurts!
It can destabilize our need to belong, it can make us feel alone and disconnected.
Rejection can cause us to become angry either outwardly towards the person who rejected us or we can turn that aggression inwards upon ourselves.
Romantic rejection often sends us on a mission to destroy our own self esteem making us find fault in ourselves. Therefore making it easier to avoid the conversation altogether.

Procrastination or rejection what one is your biggest down fall at the moment?
You know the thing that you will get around to.
I know what it is for me!  I need to have that conversation, or I will live with a lifetime of regrets.
It is time to stop letting fear hold us back?

When it comes to your finances and Estate planning it is usually down to procrastination that you have not done anything yet, the weakness that manifests within you. Because you know this may be one of the most uncomfortable things that you may ever deal with.

Here are a few tips to help get you started;

~ Whatever you’re net worth, it is vital to have an Estate/Financial plan in place.
~ Define your Financial/Estate Planning goals.
~ Update your financial/estate plan.
~ Determine your tax liability.
~ Discuss with a Financial Advisor about your possible need for an Estate Planning Attorney.

 Karla White is an income planning specialist with GFA Wealth Design/Waterstone Financial. Karla offers Financial Security for all stages of life. Call her to schedule your free consult 239-288-0977

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